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First: Back to Bayou Sabine is a prequel to the steamy, suspenseful Bayou Sabine series, and was written as a special bonus book for my email subscribers. (That’s you!)

After her mother’s disappearance and her grandmother’s death, thirty-year-old Enza Parker returns to the town where she spent her childhood summers in the hopes of closing the door on her troubling past.

While there, she meets a handsome stranger who only adds to the mystery and makes her question why she made herself stay away from the little town that gave her the sense of freedom she longs for as an adult. A spark of attraction makes her wonder: was this the place she was meant to be?

With her best friend Kate in tow, Enza searches for answers that the town isn’t ready to reveal. She must decide if she can dig deep enough to unearth the truth about her family, or if it will remain one of the bayou’s darkest mysteries.


You’ll also get Beneath Our Skin: Short Stories About Wild Women. 

Love is tested between siblings, spouses, and strangers in this short story collection. Two sisters create a fake wedding in the award-winning title story “Beneath Our Skin.” Two broken strangers are drawn to each other’s eccentricities in “The Fire Eater.” Two sisters escape their crumbling family and flee to an unusual sanctuary in “Mermaids, Still.” A woman seeks solace from a disastrous marriage in “Where the Ocean Dissolves into Sky.”






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