Welcome to the Bayou Book Club!



I’m delighted that you’ve chosen Bayou My Love as a selection for your book club! Thank you for taking a trip to the bayou with me. Here are some questions to jump-start your book club discussions. 


1. What are three words you would use to describe Enza Parker? How do you think she changed by the end of the novel?

2.  Enza is struggling to prove herself to her father throughout the story, and he continues to try to control and undermine her. The novel leaves this relationship a little open-ended: do you think they can salvage their relationship?

3. When Jack first appears, Enza sees him as an obstacle. Why do you think she’s attracted to him?

4. How did you feel about Miranda? Did you think she had anything to do with the arson and the voodoo? Who do you think left the voodoo dolls and other trinkets at Enza’s house? Why would they do that?

5. How do you feel about Remy? Do you sympathize with him? Why do you think Enza let him get so close to her at the bar after she ran away from Jack?

6. Were you surprised to find out who the real arsonist was?

7. Who were your favorite characters? What did you like most about them?

8. There are a lot of secrets surrounding Enza’s mother. Based on what you know, how do you feel about her? Do you think Enza will find her in the next book in the series?

9. Bayou My Love could be categorized in a few different genres. Do you consider it a romance? A mystery? What makes it different from other novels in its genre?

10. What are the strongest themes in this novel? What would you say this story is really about? Is it more than a love story?

11. There’s a sequel to Bayou My Love called Bayou, Whispers from the Past. If you haven’t read it, what do you think might happen next? What would you like to see happen?

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