bayou my love coverMy debut novel, the Amazon #1 Bestseller  Bayou My Love (Blue Crow Books), is the story of the dynamic 30-year-old Enza Parker, who travels to the bayous of Louisiana to unearth the mysteries of her family’s past. Her grandmother has died, her mother has vanished, and now she’s racing the clock to flip the house she inherited and move on with getting her life in order. There’s just one problem: Jack, the sexy firefighter who’s been living in the house she inherited. Can she resist his charms long enough to enlist his help, or will she lose her heart for good? First in the Bayou Sabine series.

“Faulkenberry creates a world of magic, suspense, and desire. An engrossing romance with just the right amount of heat!” —Julie C. Gardner, author of Letters for Scarlet

“I loved this book. It has so many different dimensions that you will literally be glued to the pages. There is mystery, intrigue. PICK UP THIS BOOK. It’s a MUST READ.”  – Pretty Little Book Reviews

Bayou Whispers (Blue Crow Books)Things just keep heating up as Enza continues to unearth her family’s darkest secrets, all while balancing her new love and her new business. It all comes to a head over Christmas dinner, as her plans go awry and a new stranger threatens the safety of the people she holds dear. Can a spontaneous road trip with her best friend put all of the chaos to rest, or will it make her wish she’d never dug into the past? And will her newfound love survive the fallout?

“A rich and emotional story that will draw readers into the heat of the bayou and leave them wanting more.”  —Tina Ann Forkner, Award-winning author of Nashville by Heart and Waking Up Joy

“I’d read this book again, and I recommend it to others who love a fast-paced romantic mystery. I give this book five stars.” —Dayna Leigh Cheser, author of the TIME series

Back to Bayou Sabine (Blue Crow Books). This novella is a prequel to Bayou My Love. In it, we follow Enza as she goes back to the little town of Bayou Sabine, where she once spent those magical summers with her grandmother. It’s the first time she’s been back in 15 years, but little does Enza know that her life is about to change all over again. Can she resist the pull of her family’s mysterious past, or will she allow herself to be immersed in the allure of the bayou once again?

“I was a goner, and I didn’t surface until the novel’s end. I may be in love.”  —Page One Books

“I adore her novels. They wonderfully represent women’s fiction with a touch of romance, plenty of depth, and  just the right amount of suspense. If you have not yet started this series, you are missing out on an incredible author with amazing stories to share.” – Jennifer, Dandelions Inspired

Just the Trouble I Needed (Blue Crow Books). Sometimes a little trouble—and a lot of Louisiana heat—can help you find your way…

Kate McDonnell can’t remember why she agreed to dog-sit her best friend’s Catahoula, until sexy Sheriff Andre Dufresne stops by and her memories come right back. But Kate can’t get seriously involved with anyone right now—she just got cheated on by her scoundrel fiancé, and besides, Bayou Sabine is just a temporary refuge. Kate can’t resist a short-lived affair with Andre, but can he convince her to stay? Or will her fear of being hurt again ruin any chance they have of love? This novella is #4 in the Bayou Sabine series.

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“Beautifully descriptive and engaging. A delightful story about learning to let go of who you think you need to be and take a risk on happiness.” —Orly Konig, author of The Distance Home and founding president of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association.

Beneath Our Skin and Other Stories (Blue Crow Books)

Love is tested between siblings, spouses, and strangers in this short story collection. Two sisters create a fake wedding in the award-winning title story “Beneath Our Skin.” Two broken strangers are drawn to each other’s eccentricities in “The Fire Eater.” Two sisters escape their crumbling family and flee to an unusual sanctuary in “Mermaids, Still.” A woman seeks solace from a disastrous marriage in “Where the Ocean Dissolves into Sky.”

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The first book I published was a children’s alphabet book, What Do Animals Do on the Weekend? (Novello Festival Press, 2002). Written and illustrated by me, it follows the zany adventures of animal couples as they venture through their weekends. Look for an eBook version of it soon.

In addition to women’s fiction, I also create artists books and limited edition letterpress-printed works. To more about my letterpress books, please visit my letterpress page.