Download Your Daily Coloring Pages Here

Welcome! On this page, I’ll post daily updates with new coloring pages that are free to download. Feel free to share this special URL with your friends who might enjoy these, too. Scroll to the bottom for downloads.

Like many of you, I’m feeling a bit lost right now. I’m holed up at home, grateful to be here with someone I love. I’m able to work from home a little. I’m also making more time for art every day, because it’s fun, and it’s calming. I’m fortunate to be part of a really amazing Facebook group where lots of artists have gathered for an online course, and the support there is truly incredible. (If you’re curious, check out Lilla Rogers’ MATS website, where she’s got some amazing classes. And some freebies.)

This is a hard time for everyone. It’s a time when we need to stick together, and be good to each other, and care for our community. It’s also a time when we need to reach out to one another, and be there for each other, and know that we have a support system.

I feel like I’m not in a position to do much, but here’s what I can do. I’m drawing every day, and I’m sharing some coloring pages that you can download, for free, every day that I can. (I’ll shoot for every day, but I might miss my deadline now and then. Life’s a little bananas right now. But I’ll do my best.)

I’m also going to post updates and other useful links over on my Facebook page. (It’s my artist page, not my personal one.) I’d love to use that page as a creative space where we can talk about the fun, inspiring, creative things we’re doing and making with each other in the coming weeks. (Did you color a page? Share it! Did you find a link to an awesome learning tool for kiddos? Share it there. And come say hi–I’d love to hear from you.)

I know some of y’all are looking for fun, free activities for your kids (and for you, too!) to keep calm and have a little normalcy right now. I’ve been seeing some great resources in the last couple of days, like virtual tours of museums, free art museum coloring books you can download, and even celebrities reading our favorite books. I’ll post those things on my Facebook page, and you can post what you find, too. I’d love to use that page as a place where we can share resources, talk about creative things, and support each other.

The next few weeks might be really, really hard. Harder for some of us than others. We might be in isolation for a little while, but we don’t have to be alone. Check back here each day for more drawings, and let’s make the most of this together.

March 17: Download the first batch of pages.

March 18: Birds.

March 19: Two Bird Pages.

March 20 download: Kitties!

March 21 download: a bird for a hat.

March 23: a Cardinal!

March 24: a Fox!

March 25: an Owl for You

March 26: two Elf Owls

March 28: Hummingbirds!

March 30: Bunting and Butterflies

March 31: Night Heron!

April 1: Titmice? Titmouses? And ginkgo.

April 2: Finch

April 3: Here, Kitty, Kitty

April 6: A Bird Tower

April 9: Two Spring Birds

April 10: Fox and Bird

April 13: a Mischievous Squirrel

April 16: Two Spring Birdies

April 21: Birds on a Vine

April 22: Woodpecker!

April 24: Oh, Deer. 

April 28: Fuzzy Bunny

April 30: Hummingbird!

🦊🦊 Want more activities? I have a special download in my Etsy shop of wild illustrated letters with fun facts about animals, plus bonus activity pages for the kiddos. 🦊🦊