Not just another roadside attraction

From the Introduction: “In the summer of 2011, medical I traveled to historical sites in the southwest that inspired me because of the way they had been revived. The history and integrity of the buildings had been preserved in a way that now benefits the surrounding community. Often it seems that historical and cultural landmarks are preserved in a way that makes them more like museums – they become shells of the buildings they once were, malady and stand silent as tombs. But some of the sites I found on this tip have been resurrected – they maintain their histories while acting as a relevant and vibrant part of the community. I was moved by this transformation, and the people behind it. This book highlights eight locations that are a testament to the spirit of innovation and preservation.”

This book is 5.5? x 6.5?, printed on Jerry French paper, bound in drumleaf fashion with a soft cover, 20 pages. It makes use of pressure prints based on drawings that I did on site and from photographs I took while traveling. My handwriting was reproduced using photopolymer plates.

While the majority of this edition went to Kickstarter contributors, a few remain for sale, priced at $150.

For more information about the travels that inspired this book, and to see more images, click here.

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